Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do in preparation for the chimney sweep?

We need space in order to work efficiently and safely, we recommend clearing an area Infront of the appliance 6ft x 6ft or as much as possible. All items should be removed from the hearth. The appliance will need to be cold, for stoves please refrain from using 24hrs prior to your booked sweep, for range cookers please allow 48hrs. We will need access to a 13amp socket, and any delicate items should be removed from the room.


Will sweeping my chimney make a mess?

In short no. We require the space to be cleared in order to make our own preparations, this includes laying down multiple dust sheets, sealing the appliance with a specialised sweeping sheet and tape, and using an industrial grade vacuum to control the air pressure within the stove to prevent spillage.  


How Often should I sweep my flue?

This varies depending on fuel burned, the appliance type and consistency of use, but as a rough guide we recommend the following:


Wood Burning stoves – quarterly when in use

Boiler Stoves  – quarterly when in use

Coal fires – at least twice per year

Solid fuel – at least once per year

Gas and oil – at least once per year.


Why should I use a professional chimney sweep:

Whilst self-sweeping makes for good practice if done correctly, it cannot compare to the quality of cleaning done by a professional, we carry a vast variety of brushes, rods, and tools for all manner of different appliances, flues, and chimneys. Combined with expert knowledge of the processes of combustion and of safe practices. We are fully insured, and insurance approved, we will issue a certificate that meets the demands of home insurance providers. If done incorrectly a self-sweep could cause damage to your appliance, flue, or chimney making it unsafe.


What is a smoke evacuation check?

Upon completion of all chimney sweeps a smoke evacuation check will be carried out. This is an unsealed smoke check to ensure there is adequate draw present in your appliance.

My stove / chimney has been issued a warning notice, what does this mean.

This means that your apppliance, flue, or chimney is unsafe for use. We hate to come across chimneys that we need need to issue warnings for, but ultimately, we do so for your benefit. An unsafe chimney could result in carbon monoxide poisoning, chimney fires, and even primary fires. When we issue a warning notice we will include a detailed explanation of why we have deemed it unsafe.

What do I do next?

The following action is to contact a Hetas registered engineer to correct the issues detailed on the warning notice. You can find a Hetas engineer via this link Alternatively we may be able to direct you towards a local engineer.

How long should my Flue last?

Each manufacturer has a different life expectancy of the flues, and it all varies depending on the fuel you burn, how you burn it, and how well your flue is maintained. Soot is a highly acidic substance if you are “slumbering” your stove this creates excess soot and tar and can vastly decrease the life expectancy of your flue. But below are a couple of average life expectancies for well maintained flues:

Twin wall – 20years

Flexible Liner – 10years


What is “Slumbering” a stove?

Slumbering a stove is inefficient, bad for the environment and most importantly dangerous!!

Slumbering is when an appliance is purposely set at a low or minimum output normally for overnight burning to be revived in the morning without the need for relighting, however very few stoves are designed to do this safely. In order to Slumber a stove you need to starve it of oxygen, This prevents complete combustion from occurring & causes impure hydrocarbons (soot, tar, and creosote) to build up in the chimney. With a lower heat output from the stove the flue begins to cool and the draw slows down, this allows these substances to build quickly on the sides of the cooling flue. This can result in one of three things either it will reduce the diameter of your flue making your stove less and less efficient and can eventually lead to a blockage, It will cause Carbon monoxide leakage into your home endangering lives, or it will result in a chimney fire possibly leading to a house fire.  

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Lisa PhillipsLisa Phillips
17:17 04 Feb 24
Prompt and efficient and reliable service.Thanks
Louise ReesLouise Rees
23:10 22 Dec 23
Despite being very busy, Rob agreed to clean two flues and check on the woodburners. He arrived as promised and worked efficiently and cleanly, with clear explanation of each stage of the process. His wide experience and knowledge of wood burning stoves was helpful when I had questions about the stoves or the logs I was using. I can highly recommend him and will have no hesitation in booking him again in the future. A good all rounder.
Anna RichardsonAnna Richardson
10:28 13 Dec 23
Super efficient, thorough and clean! Learnt loads about how to burn and manage my fire safely.
Paul EllsiPaul Ellsi
22:20 11 Dec 23
Great service, very knowledgeable
Michael AshbridgeMichael Ashbridge
09:50 05 Dec 23
Rob did a great job and is very organised and efficient. Highly recommended. .
Jill EvansJill Evans
15:55 17 Nov 23
Rob came to sweep and inspect mine and our neighbour's chimneys following a previous bad experience. He arrived on time, was extremely thorough, happily answered any questions, showed images and explained clearly what he found, and actions required. He was easy and pleasant to have around and left no mess. I'm very pleased I found Rob to do this work for us and can highly recommend him.
Michael CarpenterMichael Carpenter
12:26 08 Nov 23
Rob provided a very thorough clean of our woodburning stove and chimney. Gave some useful advice about installing a CO2 monitor. Very knowledgeable and will definitely use him again.
21:58 01 Nov 23
Great service, Rob turned up on time (twice, having had to reschedule through no fault of his) and did a really thorough job, meticulously clean, friendly and helpful.
Richard TurnerRichard Turner
22:28 15 Sep 23
Would 100% recommend Rob as a chimney sweep. He did a great job of sweeping the flues for our wood burning stove and pellet boiler. He also fixed an issue with one of our flues and gave us just great advice on a couple of other issues. Very professional, tidy and reasonably priced.

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